Specials Card Features

  • Orecchiette Shrimp 25

    Pancetta, sliced garlic, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino,
    fresh basil, peppadew peppers

  • Suggested Wine Pairing

    #109 Inama Soave Classico
    Apple and pear on the palate, with floral notes from chamomile
    elderflower, and soft mineral on the finish.
  • Pappardelle Steak & Pesto 27

    Pomodoraccio tomato, artichoke heart, shallot,
    white wine, garlic butter, pecorino

  • Suggested Wine Pairing

    #213 La Posta Pizzella Malbec
    Dense dark berry and plum flavors, on the palate, along with hints of
    sandalwood, spice, and violet on the finish.