• Twice Daily
    Happy Hour

    3pm – 6pm // 9pm – close

Happy Hour

Happy hour specials available in the Terza bar area only, 3pm-6pm and 9pm-close

Half-Price Pizza

  • Margherita 6.25

    tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil

  • Pepperoni 6.25

    red sauce, Terza cheese

  • Prosciutto and Fig 7.75

    600 day cured ham, dried mission figs, Terza cheese, olive oil, arugula

  • Roasted Vegetable 7

    artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, wild mushrooms, kalamata olives, Terza cheese

Half-Price Antipasti

  • Terza Wings 5

    garlic butter, fresh herbs

  • Hot Beef Sliders 6

    thin sliced, beef jus, truffle fries, giardiniera or sweet peppers & onions

  • Fried Whole Milk Mozzarella 6

    panko-herb crust, red sauce, fresh basil

  • Chicken Meatball 2.25 /ea

    ground chicken, herbs, chilies, garlic cream, red sauce, pecorino

  • Terza Meatballs 5

    ground beef, veal, herbs, red sauce

  • Crispy Calamari 6.25

    lemon aioli