Dear valued guests starting today the use of a facial covering,
at the direction of the Mayor and the Rochester City Council,
is required inside restaurants and bars.
Feel free to remove your mask at your table and enjoy your dining experience!
You can make a reservation here on our website on the reservations tab. 
Please call us at 507-216-9590 for reservations of 5 or more
for inside dining or patio seating.


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Main Menu


  • Tomato Bruschetta 9

    Vine ripened tomato, basil, pecorino, lightly grilled toast

  • Avocado Bruschetta 12

    avocado, basil, olive oil, burrata cheese, peppadew peppers

  • Terza Meatballs 10

    ground beef, veal, fresh herbs, house made red sauce

  • Jumbo Chicken Meatball 5.5 each

    ground chicken, herbs, chilies, pecorino, red or white sauce

  • Crispy Calamari 12.5

    pecorino, lemon aioli

  • Fried Cheese Balls 10

    white cheddar, garlic, parsley, mother sauce


Add to any Salad
Grilled Chicken 6
Grilled Shrimp 8

  • Caesar Salad 12

    scratch made dressing, house croutons, parmesan

  • Poached Pear 8/14

    gorgonzola cheese, blue cheese, spring greens,
    dried mission figs, buttermilk dressing
  • Ancient Grain Salad 14

    asparagus, red peppers, farro, quinoa, spinach,
    sundried tomatoes, green onions, avocado, fontina cheese
  • House Salad 12

    add chicken $6 or shrimp $8


  • Filet Mignon 8oz 38

    Iowa premium 28 day aged Black Angus, fingerling potatoes, demi glaze


  • Terza Classic Lasagna 18

    hand-made, ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, mother sauce
    add Terza meatballs 2.5 each // jumbo chicken meatball 4 each
  • Penne Bolognese 20

    garlic butter, burrata cheese, basil oil

  • Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo 20

    grilled chicken, broccolini, garlic cream, pecorino

  • Tortellini Rose' 22

    cheese-filled, 600-day aged prosciutto, sweet peas, mother sauce, garlic cream

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs 20

    mother sauce, fresh basil, pecorino

  • Ravioli* 22

    choice of mother sauce, breadcrumbs & pecorino /or/ artichoke,
    broccolini & lemon butter
  • Gnocchi* 18

    hand-made, choose fresh pesto or mother sauce, pecorino

  • Tagliatelle Wild Mushroom* 24

    fresh thyme, sweet onions, truffle oil

  • Pappardelle Grilled Chicken* 24

    fresh tomato, basil, chives, broccolini, white wine, lemon, garlic butter


  • Grilled Salmon 28

    fingerling potato, zucchini, carrot, lemon beurre blanc, shallots, chili oil

  • Chicken Piccata 26

    parmesan-herb crust, angel hair, wild mushrooms, shallots, capers, lemon butter

  • Chicken Parmesan 26

    parmesan-herb crust, mozzarella, mother sauce, spaghetti, garlic butter

  • Parmesan Walleye 28

    grilled broccolini, lemon beurre blanc


  • Roasted Cauliflower 9

    basil, pecorino, chili oil, basil oil

  • Grilled Asparagus 9

    pecorino, lemon-garlic olive oil

  • Grilled Broccolini 9

    pecorino, lemon-garlic olive oil

  • Simply Perfect 8

    fingerling, zucchini, squash, carrot, shallot, fresh herbs


  • Sausage and Peppers 13

    mother sauce, peperonata, sausage, toasted fennel,
    fresh mozzarella
  • Margherita 13

    tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil

  • Pepperoni 12.5

    red sauce, Terza cheese

  • Wild Mushroom 14

    garlic oil, taleggio cheese, fresh thyme, truffle oil

  • Prosciutto and Fig 15.5

    600-day cured ham, dried mission figs,
    olive oil, arugula, Terza cheese


  • Tomato Bruschetta 4.50

  • Caeser Salad 3

  • Fettuccini Alfredo 8

  • Lasagna 8

  • Spaghetti 8

    w/mother sauce

  • Ravioli 8

    with mother sauce or Lemon butter sauce

  • Cheese Pizza 7

  • Pepperoni 7


  • Tiramisu 8

    lady fingers, mascarpone, brandy, coffee, cocoa

  • Crema al Limone 8

    lemon zest, cream, pine nut cookie

  • Chocolate Almond Tortino 10

    chocolate almond cake, chocolate mousse, ganache, Bailey’s zabaglione

Wine and Beer To-Go

  • Imagery Chardonnay 22

  • Kung Fu Riesling 20

  • 13 Celsius Pinot Grigio 18

  • Guenoc Savignon Blanc 18

  • Imagery Cabernet 22

  • Velvet Devil Merlot 20

  • Lamole Lamole Chianti 25

  • Guencoc Pinot Noir 18


  • Guinness $13.00 4-pack


  • Bud $13.00 6-pack

  • Bud Light $13.00 6-pack

  • Corona $15.00 6-pack