On Tap

selections subject to change

Michelob Golden Light
Terza’s Schells Amber Brew
Surly Seasonal
Erdinger Wheat
Strongbow Cider
Goose Island Green Line
Newcastle Brown Ale
Lagunitas IPA


selections subject to change

Peroni  //  classic European, crisp and refreshing  5% abv.
Moretti  //  classic European, crisp and refreshing  5% abv.
Budweiser  //  American, light beer  5% abv.
Coors Light  //  classic, light Colorado beer  5% abv.
Corona  //  classic, Mexican lager  5% abv.
Guinness Pub Can  //  traditional Irish beer  5% abv.
Mich Ultra  //  American, light lager  5% abv.
Heineken  //  European, light lager  5% abv.