Cocktails & Such

Pitchers of Sangria, Margarita or Mojito available...

Peach Sangria // A refreshing blend of blush wine, peach liqueur, mango rum and prosecco
Blackberry Sangria // A well-balanced blend of burgundy wine, coconut rum, brandy and blackbery puree
LaVetta Mule // Moscow Mule made with Effen vodka and a touch of pear liqueur
LaVetta Margarita // Sauza Blue tequilla, Blue Curacao, agave nectar and lime juice
The Big Easy// Fig-infused Jim Beam bourbon, sweet vermouth, simple syrup and Angostura bitters
Catcher & The Rye// Bulleit Rye, simple syrup, Angostura bitters and Absinth wash
Pimm’s cup// Pimm’s #1, house-made lemonade, cucumber, strawberry and orange
Dragonberry Mojito// Dragonberry Bacardi, strawberry puree, mint, lime juice and soda